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Facts about misappropriation

The music collection created and arranged on the basis of the Azerbaijan national dances - "Vokaliz" was performed and shown on Armenian TV by the performer of Armenian Song Theatre Varduhi Vardanyan as the Armenian national song in 2004. That means violation of Briliant Dadasheva's rights who is the author and performer of "Vokaliz", as well as violation of the Law requirements "On Legal Protection of Azerbaijani Folklore Expressions". Besides, music collection "Vokaliz" was burned down on CD and soled under the name "Armenian Sketches". The information regarding this issue placed on site Thus, the requirements of Article 15 (4), providing protection of rights of unknown authors, including folklore expressions, and also Article 12, providing protection of arrangements, and Article 6 bis providing protection of personal moral rights of the Bern Convention have been violated.

Very popular in Azerbaijan music of the composer Aygun Samadzadeh "Maktab illari" has been performed at music festival in Armenia by Manan in 2002. Song was in Armenian language and the author hadn't been shown.

The work of the world famous Azerbaijan composer Fikret Amirov "Kor arabin mahnisi" (The song of the blind Arab) which was created on the bases of the poem "Sheyh Sanan" the author of lyrics is the famous Azerbaijan poet Huseyn Javid, has been presented as Armenian work. The Armenian performers Artur Safaryan, Rach Keshishyan, Aram Avakyan and Georg Dabagyan have used the "Kor arabin mahnisi" in music "Mayrik" as their own. of the Bern Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. The music of the "Kor arabin mahnisi" of the composer F.Amirov had been registered in Copyright Agency in 1963.

The work of famous Azerbaijani composer Tofig Guliyev "Sana da galmaz" has been presented as Armenian music on "Ice age" program on ORT channel (1 channel) of Russian Federation on September 15, 2007. The music have been taken from the CD "ANI" of the Ara Gevorgian (produced by "EYE RECORDS" in US, 1999) and CD "Maqicheski Duduk" (Magical Duduk).

The author of music "Sana da galmaz" is Tofig Guliyev and the author of lyrics is Azerbaijani poet Rasul Rza. This music has been composed at the beginning of 50s and world famous Azerbaijani singer Rashid Behbudov has sang this song in Azerbaijan film "Bakhtiyar" (director Latif Safarov, cameraman Arif Narimanbayov) produced by "Baku" studio in 1955. At present time State Film Foundation of the Russian Federation is keeping the original video recording. State Film Foundation of the Azerbaijan also keeps this film under code 53S-16.

The other CD "I have a word with a prayer" with 15 performs of Djivan Gasparyan has been found in Russia. 8 of 15 music were composed by Azerbaijan composers: Tofig Guliyev ("Sana da galmaz"), Jahangir Jahangirov ("Ay giz"), Rauf Hajiyev ("Саchларына эuл дuзuм"), Emin Sabitoglu ("Нейлaйим"), Alakbar Tagiyev ("Нa эaлмaз олдун" ориginал and instrumental versions) and Eldar Mansurov ("Эеja зaнэлaри", "Мелодийа").

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